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Getting and Keeping Followers

1. Dont post to all if you are communicating to one person. DM (direct message) works fine. You are just filling up the timeline with a personal conversation.

2. It is okay to DM at times instead of retweeting everything. Believe me, what happens when you RT too much people glaze over everything you say and may miss when you post one of your own messages.

3. Wonderful to share what you are listening to, eating, thinking, hating, loving occasionally, but we dont need to know every detail of your life.

4. Where you are, most of us don’t care. I know you love Starbucks. We are all somewhere. As a friend once said “I am the mayor of my toilet.”

5. Automatic retweets. Get off twitter, its too real for you.

6. If you are following millions of people you better have GREAT content because we know you arent listening to us. It is all about you. Its called social media, not worship media.

7. Dont try to sell stuff all the time. Its okay at times, but twitter is really about sharing. Like a relationship, what you put in you get back.

8. Tweets are best with useful content/information or links. For example - I saw Tron and it sucked, instead of I am going to see Tron. If you use it as a one to one chat room it becomes annoying. Save that for when 3 or more people are involved.

9. Ask questions, get to know people, share and be kind. “All you need is love.”

10. Most important, use humor. Life is hard and we all need a laugh.